Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Alexander and Mary Jane McBride Cunningham

This photo is the wedding photo of Alexander and Mary Jane McBride Cunningham.

This is Alexander Cunningham. He became a brick mason and that is how he supported his family until his death which ironically happened while he was working. He was laying brick in the hot sun and it was thought that he had a heat stroke, and died, leaving Mary Jane pregnant and alone to raise her remaining 11 children. (2 died at birth, Catherine and Stanford)

Mary Jane was always a beautiful woman. As she dealt with her lot in live, she became even more beautiful. She never complained but thanked the Lord daily for all that He had given her. Her children never knew that they were so poor because of her attitude of gratitude.
This is Alexander, and Mary Jane and the first three of their children. Wilson (back), Baby Luella and Myrtle (front)
Alexander Cunningham

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